Who We Are

The Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC), an affiliate of the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University, is built around the use of global value chains methodology to study the effects of globalization on various topics of interest including:  industrial upgrading, international competitiveness, the environment, global health, engineering and entrepreneurship, and innovation in the global knowledge economy. 

Through our research, in which we seek to engage a network of researchers and educators from around the world, we strive to link global, national and local levels of analysis to shed light on the effects of globalization on governments, institutions and corporations.

CGGC is dedicated to undertaking innovative, interdisciplinary research projects which harness the strengths of social science research methodology while involving scholars from diverse disciplines which range from engineering to medicine to the environmental sciences.

Our research “deliverables” range from scholarly papers prepared for ultimate publication in academic journals, to shorter, focused research reports built around a a set of research questions as defined by a sponsor, to popular magazine articles, newspaper op-eds and even short films or podcasts which break down a complex topic and communicate it in ways easily understood by diverse audiences. 

It is hoped that this research will not only make meaningful contributions to scholarly dialogue but will also enlighten the public conversation on the dynamics of globalization.