The Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (Duke CGGC) undertakes client-sponsored research that addresses economic and social development issues for governments, foundations and international organizations. We do this principally utilizing the global value chain (GVC) framework, created by Founding Director Gary Gereffi, and supplemented by other analytical tools. As a university-based research center, we address clients’ real world questions with transparency and rigor.


Duke CGGC’s customized research, training and advising services for clients sheds light on issues such as:

  • How developing countries can enter and upgrade in global value chains
  • Workforce development strategies
  • Environmental sustainability goals
  • Inclusive development impacting all sectors of society

Our work provides decision-makers with new language and tools to understand globalization and economic development. This practical, real-world advice leads to better decision-making.

Duke CGGC’s work spans food and agriculture, energy and the environment, services, as well as multiple manufacturing industries ranging from textiles and apparel to medical devices. In total, Duke CGGC has researched some 50 unique industries or value chains and has produced 85 reports across 31 countries. Duke CGGC researchers have given 93 presentations, authored over 100 additional publications and have led several training workshops.


Duke CGGC’s research team is experienced at using the GVC framework and other analytical tools to provide an industry-centric view of economic globalization that highlights linkages across countries and firms. The GVC framework offers analysis at the multi-country, regional and sub-national levels and can be applied across any industry. The Center leverages the tools across Duke University as well as its strong academic network (both inside and outside of Duke) in all its activities.


“The strength of the center is the multi-country global experience. Duke CGGC is very effective at telling the story of what a value chain does in a sector and describing it thoroughly.” – Carlo Pietrobello, Lead Specialist in the Competitiveness and Innovation Division of the Inter-American Development Bank

“Duke CGGC is a team of smart researchers who know how to model supply chains very well. The main value was in getting quality research information that is often in many different places, therefore requiring lots of in-depth interviews with individuals in the industry. Duke CGGC’s reports have informed our investment choices.” – Greg Andeck, Former Program Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund