North carolina in the global economy

The North Carolina in the Global Economy project focuses on understanding how globalization affects key traditional and growing industries in North Carolina, and where the state fits into the rapidly changing economies of the United States and the rest of the world.

In recent years, white-collar job loss in the Information Technology industry has spurred debate in North Carolina about the impact of globalization. However, workers in the apparel, textile and furniture industries have felt the consequences of global outsourcing for at least a decade.

North Carolina is a microcosm of nationwide trends, with its unique mix of industries – from traditional sectors such as textiles, apparel, furniture, and hog farming, to innovative industries like information technology and biotechnology. These industries play prominent roles in North Carolina's economy, and the project sheds light on how global economic forces affect local development and employment.

The North Carolina in the Global Economy project intensively studies seven industries in the state in order to understand key issues and trends, including industrial structure and its relation to the activities of industry and public actors, local economic development, the impacts of globalization at the community level, and the available strategies to promote the positive effects of participation in global industries.

The North Carolina in the Global Economy website presents and analyzes up-to-date information about how industrial restructuring in an era of globalization is impacting North Carolina’s key industries. The value chains on the website show where value is added in the production process and represent the ideal form of the global production process to which the state must adapt. The website has many valuable features including dynamic, flash animated value chains with each value chain linking to industry data, and maps created using Google Maps and Google Earth that consist of color-coded tags.

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