Research projects concerning the environment are a top priority for CGGC. The Center is interested in establishing partnerships with organizations that focus on environmental issues, as exemplified in our ongoing collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

Manufacturing Climate Solutions

imageCGGC is working with EDF's Sustainable Technologies group to produce a series of value chain analyses of selected greenhouse gas-reducing technologies. The ongoing series builds upon a five-technology report released in November 2008 with subsequent new chapters made available throughout 2009.
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Clean Energy Transportation

imageOur researchers helped inform the Apollo Alliance's Transportation Manufacturing Action Plan by mapping out the U.S. value chain for manufacturing rail cars and parts for passenger trains. Our research found a healthy domestic supply base but also identified areas in which U.S.-based firms need to capture higher-value activities such as design, engineering and systems integration.
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Gulf Coast Restoration

imageNatural and human activities have damaged the Gulf Coast, threatening a valuable ecosystem vital to several billion-dollar industries such as seafood and tourism. Restoring the Gulf Coast can protect these assets while creating much-needed U.S. jobs, by engaging at least 140 firms across nearly 400 locations.
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EDF's Corporate Partnership Program

imageTo help inform EDF's Corporate Partnership Program, our researchers have created a series of value chain analyses on the structure and dynamics of selected industries -- including beef and dairy, hog farming, real estate and others.
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imageThis report illustrates the value chain of wild-caught shrimp landed in Sinaloa, Mexico and the environmental implications of fishing practices in the region. It highlights opportunities to link U.S. market interest for this product with development of environmentally sustainable fishing practices in the Gulf of California.
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China Hotspots

imageCGGC researchers analyzed the development, diffusion, and adoption of two clean technologies in the United States. The reports described the major advances for each technology, how the industry was organized, and the role of regulations and industry associations in promoting each technology. The goal of the research was to understand how clean technologies were adopted in the past so that future adoptions of clean technologies could identify the actors and factors needed to quickly adopt the technologies in a developing world context.
U.S. Adoption of High-Efficiency Motors and Drives: Lessons Learned image Development and Diffusion of Powder Coatings in the United States and Europe image