duke/viu international summer research workshop

The Duke-VIU International Summer Research Workshop is a joint initiative of Duke University’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC) and Venice International University’s Center for Studies on Technologies in Distributed Intelligence Systems (TeDIS). The workshop, which offers opportunities for researchers to tap synergies and develop common research agendas, has a four-year framework and will be held alternately in Venice and in Durham. The 2008 workshop was in Venice, Italy on July 13-18, 2008 at Venice International University. The 2009 workshop was in Durham, NC, United States on July 5-10, 2009 at Duke University.

The purpose of these international workshops is twofold:

  • To develop an international set of serious, early-stage researchers—Ph.D. students, post-docs, junior faculty, and selected other researchers with appropriate experience—who are capable of doing global value chains analysis and using it to better understand the links between local systems and the global economy
  • To connect these scholars into an active international network with a common research agenda focused on critical emerging topics in coming years.

The theme for the 2009 Workshop is “Economic, Social and Environmental Restructuring in Global Value Chains.” This theme is particularly relevant given the current international economic crisis, which is creating severe problems of employment, housing, environmental sustainability, and health. The workshop will include the following three subthemes:

  • Economic and Social Upgrading
    There are various kinds of upgrading trajectories identified in the global value chains literature. This section of the workshop is designed to help researchers identify the circumstances under which economic and social conditions can improve simultaneously, especially during the current economic crisis. Another area of interest is analyzing the significance of economic and social “downgrading” in the contemporary era.
  • The Environment and Sustainable Development
    National and regional policy makers are trying to link “clean technologies” with job growth, and companies are incorporating the “triple bottom line” in their calculations of economic, social and environmental gains. This section of the workshop will examine how GVC analysis can be used to address environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • Global Services and the Knowledge Economy
    Global services offer a new growth opportunity for developing economies that was previously unattainable. Today these countries have the opportunity to compete with the developed world.  This section of the workshop will focus on how the current economic crisis is reshaping the opportunities for countries and companies to compete in global services.

The workshop will include up to 25 early stage researchers from different countries. In addition, there were be faculty members from Duke and VIU, several invited speakers from other institutions who are experts on the topics being covered, and other guests from partnering institutions, and local economic and public organizations.