National Analytical Center (NAC), Kazakhstan

Duke CGGC is in the midst of a three-year (2015-2017) collaboration with the National Analytical Center (NAC), an affiliate of Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan. NAC established a Regional Competitiveness and Growth Center (RCGC) in November 2015 to serve as an analytical platform that informs decision-making for both public and private sectors in Kazakhstan. Duke CGGC is supporting this new center in three key areas:

(1) Capacity Building: researcher recruitment, training of research staff, mentoring and supervision of projects, among other roles.

(2) Research Agenda Support: Duke CGGC and RCGC are developing proposals and projects.

(3) Visibility and Relationship Development: Duke CGGC and NAC will work together on issues related to research priorities, publicity and the RCGC’s relationship development with universities and development organizations.

Thus far, Duke CGGC has:
  • Consulted on the creation and structure for the RCGC (launched in November 2015)
  • Advised on the recruitment of research staff for RCGC
  • Developed an annual project plan
  • Provided rigorous training for the current staff of eight RCGC researchers. This training is not merely assisting the RCGC team in developing their research skills, but fully participating with them in final reports (co-branded as Duke CGGC and RCGC research). Thus far, Duke CGGC has collaborated with the RCGC on the launch of two different research projects.
  • Hosted the RCGC team for a week long workshop with Duke CGGC staff on various topics with project examples of how to apply the GVC approach (September 2015).

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