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The World Bank has published several books that feature work on global value chains by CGGC researchers, such as Gary Gereffi, Stacey Frederick (apparel), Karina Fernandez-Stark (offshore services), Ghada Ahmed (call centers in Egypt), Penny Bamber (horticulture in Honduras), and Michelle Christian (tourism in Kenya). With Olivier Cattaneo and Cornelia Staritz of the World Bank, Gereffi co-edited Global Value Chains in a Post-Crisis World: A Development Perspective (The World Bank, 2010), as well as a special issue of the International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development on “Shifting End Markets and Upgrading Prospects in Global Value Chains” (2011).

Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading and Gender

imageCase Studies of the Horticulture, Tourism, and Call Center Industries

This book provides a gendered analysis of the horticulture, tourism, and call center global value chains (GVCs) based on a survey of the literature and case studies carried out in Honduras, Kenya, and the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The studies show that GVCs and their upgrading dynamics have important gender dimensions, and that integration and upgrading are influenced by, and have an impact on, gender relations.
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The Offshore Services Value Chain: Developing Countries and the Crisis

imageThis paper analyzes the recent evolution and impact of the global economic crisis on the offshore services industry. This paper was commissioned by the World Bank.
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