Offshore Services

CGGC is conducting research on the offshore services industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in this globalized economy. Companies in search of lower costs and new talent have begun unbundling their corporate activities and are sourcing them from abroad. The information technology revolution has expedited the growth of this industry facilitating the trade of these service activities.

USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program: Jordan ICT Cluster, ICT Taxonomy and Subsector Selection Report

Study commissioned by USAID via Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI).

Costa Rica in the Offshore Services Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Upgrading: Chapter 5

imageCosta Rica has been successful in attracting some of the top companies in the offshore services industry to establish operations within the country, particularly in BPO operations and other shared services. This study uses the GVC framework to analyze the country's potential for further upgrading and consolidating its position in the industry.
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The Offshore Services Global Value Chain: Economic Upgrading and Workforce Development: Chapter 4

imageDeveloping countries around the world are competing to become the next Bangalore, but they need to take various steps to ensure their human capital can meet the exacting demands and professional certifications required by developed world clients. This report looks at the industry in Chile, India, and the Philippines.
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Engineering Services in the Americas

imageDespite the 2008-2009 economic crisis, countries across Latin America continue to grow rapidly, driven by commodity booms and the growth of mining, petroleum and forestry sectors. Combined with the need for massive scale infrastructure development across these developing countries, the demand for engineering services in the Americas is booming. This report examines how this demand may be met regionally by analyzing the supply and quality and cost of engineers in five key countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the United States.
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The Offshore Services Value Chain: Developing Countries and the Crisis

imageThis paper analyzes the recent evolution and impact of the global economic crisis on the offshore services industry. This paper was commissioned by the World Bank.
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Workforce Development in Chile's Offshore Services Value Chain

imageThis report is based on interviews with CEOs, Country Managers, HR executives and employees of 15 key companies in the offshore services sector in Chile. We present an overview of both the challenges and best practices in recruiting, training, interpersonal skills, technical training, English language skills, and their relationships with educational institutions. This report was commissioned by the Chilean Agency for Economic Development (CORFO).
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The Offshore Services Global Value Chain

imageThis report analyzes the evolving offshore services industry employing the Global Value Chain framework. Offshore services emerged as a dynamic global sector in the past two decades. Companies in their search for efficiencies and economies of scale began offshoring and outsourcing a variety of corporate functions. This report was commissioned by the Chilean Agency for Economic Development (CORFO).
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Chile's Offshore Services Value Chain

imageThis report presents the Chilean offshore services industry value chain. The authors provide in- depth analysis of the ITO, BPO and KPO segments, including both the current level of development and challenges for future growth. This report was commissioned by the Chilean Agency for Economic Development (CORFO).
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The Offshore Services Industry: A New Opportunity for Latin America

imageDuke CGGC prepared a Policy Brief for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in which the offshore services industry is presented as a new opportunity for Latin America. Duke CGGC was invited to present the main findings of the Policy Brief in the annual REDIBERO meeting, with the title, "La Promoción del Comercio y la Inversión en Iberoamérica ¿Podemos avanzar hacia la promoción regional?"
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