OffShore Services

Latin America’s Emergence in Global Services: A New Driver of Structural Change in the Region?

2014   |    Rene Hernandez, Nanno Mulder, Karina Fernandez-Stark, Pierre Sauve, Dorotea Lopez Giral, Felipe Muñoz Navia

Karina Fernandez-Stark is an editor of this recent ECLAC book on the service industry in Latin America.

ECLAC Book   View Book

Regional Competitiveness in the Latin America Offshore Services Value Chain

2013   |    Karina Fernandez-Stark, Penny Bamber, Gary Gereffi

The Oxford Handbook of Offshoring and Global Employment Pp. 534-563 in Ashok Bardhan, Dwight Jaffee and Cynthia Kroll (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press  View Publisher's Website

The Offshore Services Value Chain: Upgrading Trajectories in Developing Countries

2011   |    Karina Fernandez-Stark, Penny Bamber, Gary Gereffi

International Journal Technological Learning, Innovation and Development Vol. 4, No. 1/2/3, 206-234  View Publisher's Website  View Special Issue

Private Employment Agencies in Morocco

2011   |    Ghada Ahmed

This working paper and the Global Dialogue Forum are part of the ILO’s Sectoral Activities Programme.

ILO Sectoral Activities Programme: Working Paper No. 283  View Report

The Offshore Services Value Chain: Developing Countries and the Crisis

2010   |    Gary Gereffi, Karina Fernandez-Stark

Global Value Chains in a Postcrisis World: A Development Perspective. Washington, DC: The World Bank. Pp. 335-372 in Olivier Cattaneo, Gary Gereffi and Cornelia Staritz (eds.)  View Book

Employment and Human Resource Services in Egypt

2010   |    Ghada Ahmed

This study was undertaken and written by Ghada Ahmed, a CGGC Research Associate, as her Master’s Project toward completion of her Master’s in International Development Policy from Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy in 2010.

Duke University Master\'s Project, Duke Center for International Development (DCID) Spring  View PDF

Measuring Success in the Global Economy: International Trade, Industrial Upgrading and Business Function Outsourcing in Global Value Chains

2009   |    Timothy Sturgeon, Gary Gereffi

Transnational Corporations 18(2), p. 1-35  View PDF

The Challenge of Global Value Chains: Why Integrative Trade Requires New Thinking and New Data

2008   |    Timothy Sturgeon, Gary Gereffi

Report prepared for Industry Canada. This paper was prepared in response to a request from Industry Canada to develop recommendations for collecting data on the position of Canadian firms in global value chains (GVCs).

Report prepared for Industry Canada   View Paper