OffShore Services

Global Value Chain Consolidation and Upgrading in Developing Countries (Apparel and Services)

Oct 25, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
World Bank-International Labor Organization (ILO) workshop on “Trade and Employment Post-Crisis.

Offshore Services in Latin America: A Regional Approach to Competitiveness

May 07, 2010   |   Chicago, IL, USA    |   Gary Gereffi, Karina Fernandez-Stark
Industry Studies Association Conference

The Promotion of Trade and Investment in Iber-America: Is Regional Promotion Possible? (In Spanish)

Oct 21, 2009   |   Cancun, Mexico    |   Gary Gereffi, Mario Castillo, Karina Fernandez-Stark
RedIbero Meeting
CGGC was invited to present the main findings of an IDB Policy Brief at an annual RedIbero meeting, with the title, "La Promoción del Comercio y la Inversión en Iberoamérica ¿Podemos avanzar hacia la promoción regional?"
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Global Services Offshoring: Trends and Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

Nov 18, 2008   |   Santiago, Chile    |   Gary Gereffi, Karina Fernandez-Stark
Inversion Extranjera en Servicios Corporativos Offshore en America Latina

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