Environment: Clean Energy

Smart Grid and the North Carolina Business Community

May 01, 2012   |   Charlotte, NC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
NC Smart Grid Technical Forum

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Office Hours with Marcy Lowe on Green Jobs

Oct 08, 2010   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
In this webcast, Marcy Lowe, CGGC Senior Research Analyst, discusses her latest study, which found that the United States is well-positioned to be a leader in producing batteries for electric cars.
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Clean Energy Transportation: The Case for U.S. Jobs

Jun 24, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Aspen Institute Congressional Breakfast
Congressional breakfast hosted by the Aspen Institute.
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U.S Passenger and Transit Rail Equipment Manufacture: Final Data

Jun 23, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
TMAP Meeting #3
This presentation was given at the Transportation Manufacturing Action Plan (TMAP) Task Force Meeting convened by The Apollo Alliance.
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Passenger and Transit Rail Vehicles: The U.S. Supply Chain

May 04, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference

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Identifying Clean Energy Jobs: A Value Chain Approach

May 03, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference

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Value Chain Analysis of the U.S. Bus Industry: Key Findings

Feb 25, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
White House Briefing
Senior Research Analyst Marcy Lowe was invited to attend a White House briefing with the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, organized by the American Public Transit Association.
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U.S. Transit Bus Industry: A Value Chain Analysis

Jan 14, 2010   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Capitol Hill Briefing
Capitol Hill briefing on the job creation and economic development impacts of public transportation, organized by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.
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Low-Carbon Competitiveness and U.S. Hybrid Trucks

Oct 28, 2009   |   Atlanta, GA, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Hybrid Truck Users Conference (HTUF)
Marcy Lowe presented outcomes from Chapter 9 of the Manufacturing Climate Solutions report series on hybrid drivetrains for trucks at CALSTART\'s HTUF conference in Atlanta, GA.
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Six Competitive Characteristics of the Hybrid Truck Industry

Jun 11, 2009   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Capitol Hill Briefing
Marcy Lowe was invited to speak at a Capitol Hill briefing kick-off event organized by clean transportation group, CALSTART. At this event, a CGGC study that highlights jobs created in truck manufacturing was highlighted.
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