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Director Gary Gereffi, research team leaders and staff present CGGC research findings in conferences and public forums, addressing topics such as international development, the global knowledge economy, clean energy, and U.S. competitiveness. CGGC and its partners also sponsor such events, drawing on scholars and researchers from around the globe.

2007 Events

International Workshop: Global Production Networks and Decent Work: Recent Experience in India and Global Trends

November 18-20, 2007  |  Bangalore, India
Organized by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), International Institute of Labour Studies (IILS), and Institute for Human Development (IHD) in association with Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore.
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Visualizing North Carolina in the Global Economy Open House

October 16, 2007  |  Durham, NC  |  Duke University, Erwin Mill Building, A103
This 'Open House' is to recognize the conclusion of the first phase of work on updating and upgrading the CGGC's website on North Carolina in the Global Economy with new data to bring this site to its 2007 version, utilizing new visualization tools for the display of the data made possible by collaboration with Duke's Center for Instructional Technology.

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission Hearing on North Carolina's Economy

September 6, 2007  |  Chapel Hill, NC  |  University of North Carolina
CGGC Director Gary Gereffi offers key testimony on how trade with China has affected North Carolina's economy.
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The New Logic of Offshoring Innovation & Engineering: What Works and What Doesn't

June 19, 2007  |  New York City, NY  |   Mandarin Oriental Hotel
A 'Chief Executive Roundtable' organized by Chief Executive Magazine; CGGC Director Gary Gereffi participates in discussion.
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America's Competitiveness Forum

June 11-12, 2007  |  Atlanta, GA  |  Atlanta Marriott Marquis
This forum provided a venue for government ministers from the Western Hemisphere to gather with leaders from the private sector, academia and NGO's to explore ideas and best practices on competitiveness.
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IILS-CALSS Workshop to Explore Research Collaboration

April 26-27, 2007  |  Beijing, People's Republic of China  |  Beijing Continental Grand Hotel
A workshop gathering Chinese and international scholars and labor specialists to explore collaborative research.
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Delocalisation of Labour Intensive Industries

April 12-14, 2007  |  Krakow, Poland  |  Jagiellonian University
An international conference dealing with globalization and competitiveness issues.
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Education, Entrepreneurship, and Immigration: America's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part II

June 11, 2007
Skilled immigrants have achieved great success in starting engineering and technology companies in the United States, and they contribute significantly to the country's economic growth over time. This paper seeks to understand the educational backgrounds and career trajectories of immigrant entrepreneurs, as well as to identify lessons for enhancing the competitiveness of the U.S. economy. The research confirms that advanced education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is correlated with high rates of entrepreneurship and innovation.
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Nanotechnology and the Emerging Global Knowledge Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in an International Context

March 29-30, 2007  |  Durham, NC  |  Duke University
A mini-conference on diverse elements of the global economy touching on nanotechnology research projects, the supply and demand for engineers and scientists and other related topics. This meeting will involve selected international scholars and industry representatives, North Carolina nanotechnology firms and regional policy makers.
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A Duke Conversation

February 8, 2007
Gary Gereffi speaks at this event to talk about the important issues that are shaping our lives today.
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